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      Imagine what you can accomplish with the whole neighborhood as backup! Take charge of your day with our app and never miss out on your city’s best offers and events, whether you own a small business or just looking for ways to save and give back, we got you covered!

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  Over 80% of our spending is done in a 20 mile radius of our home, wouldn’t be cool if you were able to start saving more and doing actual good for the community with a few simple touches of a button? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and see if we are available in your city yet!

Huge Savings

Get The Best Deals At Lowest Price! Get rewarded for doing the things you already do, like shopping, going out to restuarants, or join an exclusive membership based on clubs and organizations you voulenteer in  or support!


Support Your Favorite Cause!

Put the Big G back in giving! Build up and accumuliate points by simply being active around town and have them translate to dollar donations to a partnered oranazation near you!

Why Bfirstly?

Because unlike the competetion we don’t believe in having the community space just be a soundbox. We are here with a mission of getting your community growing with fun activities, provide loads of savings through our “Buy Local First” model, and empowering our members and partners to give back like never before!

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The five pillars

We believe a community can’t grow without it’s five pillars working together in balance and harmony. These five pillars include Residents, Schools, Orginazations like clubs and churches, Businesses and City Hall.

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